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Blue Fringy Space Lily  

Blue Fringy Space Lily, 2004, 24" x 36"

Everyone wants to know how I made the blue fringy flower on this piece. Have you ever wound a bad bobbin? Most anyone who sews has. Well onetime I got really distracted and I wasted so much thread I felt guilty about it. So I grabbed my scissors and in one cut removed the wasted thread from the bobbin. I held the thread - now about five inches long in the middle and sewed it to my background. I then added a few petal like shapes around it and poof, I had a blue fringy flower. The markers I used on this piece are one of my secret weapons. They have the widest brush tip I have ever seen - a full inch long. They make it so easy to create rocks and land by holding them on their side and dragging them across the surface. The lily is one of my patterns that is available in the lily kit.

Available for purchase! $1,190